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Vintage Platter Large with Lazy Susan


Each Platter is Uniquely different, no two are the same

Vintage platters originate from older wine barrels that may have aged wine 20 years ago or they will have very unique or rare markings on them.  The patina of vintage platters can vary from a natural oak color through a honey patina or deeply weathered oak.  

After aging for many years the barrels are disassembled and completely rebuilt by hand.  They are planed and joined so there is zero tolerance between the 8-9 planks making up each platter and held together with a sophisticated Swiss woodworking system called "biscuits". 

This platter is then finished with 3 coats of food safe oil/beeswax to protect the wood.  Each platter retains the original coopers' marks branded onto the wine barrel prior to its primary purpose of aging wine.

The iron handles are forged in a Brooklyn workshop, every step is by hand, the old fashion way, heating the iron and hand bending them through a series of jigs.

includes one bottle of beeswax and one set of iron hangers

Sizes approximately 29"

This platter includes a lazy Susan