Milk Paint

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What is Milk Paint?

Milk paint is a durable environmentally friendly and nontoxic low VOC paint. It is water based and is made, of course, from milk as well as lime. Because it is an all natural paint it must be used right after mixing or keeping it refrigerated will give you a bit more time. You wouldn't want to paint with sour milk paint would you?

How to use Milk Paint?

Milk paint color is desirable for refinishing furniture in rustic or vintage style. It is also perfect for kids crafts as well. Top producers of milk paint include Miss Mustard Seed and Homestead House is made in Canada.

It does not come pre-mixed and will store in powder form for six months or more if kept moisture free. Milk paint has been around for more than a thousand years and is known to last more than a hundred years if protected from the elements.  If you want to learn more about using milk paint try an Heirloom 142 workshop.