MMS Paint & Wax Brushes


High Quality paint requires high quality brushes. MMS paint and wax brushes make milk paint or chalk paint glide perfectly and leave no brush strokes. They are also Ideal for applying MMS finishing Wax.

Brushes are made of smooth hardwood and dense white china bristles firmly epoxied into a nickel-plated ferrule! These strong, yet flexible bristles hold and slightly absorb the paint or wax which allows for more control while applying. With contoured beaver tail handles for an heasy to hold and controlled grip.

All three brushes have a bristle length of 2" and a total length of 8".

Small Brush is 1.5" wide with a flat shape. Ideal for paint

Medium brush is 1 3/4" wide with an oval shape and is ideal for both painting and waxing.

Large brush is 2 1/4" wide with an oval shape and is ideal for waxing.

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