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Fusion TSP

Fusion TSP


Fusion TSP is a water-based biodegradable degreaser used to thoroughly clean a bare or painted surface prior to applying paint. Highly efficient, it removes oil, grease, fingerprints, stains and other contaminants, which will improve the adhesion and the look of subsequent coatings. Safe to use on all surfaces (wood, paint, gypsum, melamine, plastics, metals and glass). TSP is environmentally friendly and contains no phosphates. 

Preparation: Mix 2 full caps into 1 litre of water. Clean the surface with the diluted solution using a sponge or rag cloth. 

Highly concentrated, no rinsing required, very effective, water-based and biodegradable, compatible with all surfaces, and no phosphates.

Coverage: 400 to 500 sq. feet per 250mL of TSP and recommended dilution.