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Fusion MATTE Tough Coat Clear Acrylic Wood Sealer

Fusion MATTE Tough Coat Clear Acrylic Wood Sealer


Fusion Tough Coat, uses only 100% acrylic and is perfect as a top coat sealer for those high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and floors and dries to a matte finish. Fusion Tough Coat differs from other finishing coats or varnishes with its use of pure acrylic. Normally other products on the market are using lesser acrylic resins which will yellow and embrittle over time, not binding as well leaving a less durable finish.

Tough Coat Clear: a true non yellowing clear coat

Application: Apply with a brush onto recently painted or clean, non oily/greasy surfaces. If applying to a recently painted surface, allow the surface to dry 12 hours before applying. For maximum durability, apply two coats waiting 2-4 hours between coats. In humid areas, longer drying times may be required.

Clean Up: Soap and warm water.

Tip: Be sure to gently mix your Tough Coat prior to using it as the matting agent and other ingredients may settle to the bottom. If you don’t mix it, you may get a shiny coat finish as the matting agent has settled to the bottom. Do not shake vigorously as this will cause air bubbles in your piece that are difficult to remove once applied.