Small Flat Brushes


Our small natural bristle flat Brushes are ideal for cutting-in paint around angles and edges. Perfect for fine work, to bring out or highlight a moulding in a different colour. This specialty brush is flat with a domed end, seamless aluminium ferrule with a short raw handle.

Available in Thick or Extra Thick bristles, ideal for working with chalk paint and milk paint. Their small size makes it the perfect brush for chalk painting small items like spindles, mason jars, furniture hardware etc..

This particular design allows for more control in delicate close in work and is perfect for for fine work on moulding, edges, window sashes and trim.

The seamless aluminium ferule makes it very light and easy to handle. Designed with quality in mind, densely packed bristles it won't rust and you will be able to use this brush over and over, with no shedding. It's light weight makes it very easy to handle and control.

Available in 4 different sizes:

Nb 18 Thick: 3/4" wide
Nb 20 Thick: 7/8" wide
Nb 20 Extra Thick : 3/4" wide
Nb 22 Extra Thick: 7/8" wide

Brushes including handle are approximately 9" long.

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