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Bergs Ceramic Pots, Modena

Bergs Ceramic Pots, Modena


Modena, our cylindrical grandeur of a flowerpot, can embrace even the largest of houseplants. Bergs signature, a true sign of quality, is stamped by hand on every single pot.

Designed without a drainage hole, the vast hand-glazed Modena cover pot should live indoors or in heated greenhouses and orangeries. Made for a life outside, the Modena in raw clay has a drainage hole. Given the optimum draining conditions and if lifted slightly off the ground before winter, the pot can withstand even rain, frost, and snow. The genuine and modern design is a perfect match for the balcony, patio, and the courtyard.  

Size 30 = 12wx x 10.5h"

Size 35 = 13.74w x 12h"

Size 40 = 14.75w x13h"