Stedge Solid Oak Hanging Shelves


Designed by Leonard Aldenhoff

Stedge is all about lightness, purism and a clear structure. The subtle design is an optical illusion as the solid shelves seem to hang by a thread. The unbalanced appearance of the Stedge shelf makes it a minimalistic stage for your favourite objects. The minimum usage of needed parts is used to generate a stable and modern shelf. The main idea behind Stedge was to create a storage place for objects on the wall to gain more free space on the floor area. With its light expression and fine edges, Stedge will be perfect match for any room. 

Stedge comes in a box with two shelves. It is possible to add additional shelves to create your own unique stage. Included is a long and a short top wire. 

The shelf measures 4mm at its thinnest (front and sides) and 20mm at its thickest  (back).

Height: 120cm (47inches)
Depth: 22cm (8.6 inches)
Length: 80cm (31.5 inches)

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