Recycled Paper Vase/Pot Oohh Tokyo by Lübech Living


The OOhh Collection is a result of Danish Design combined with a Fair Trade project in Sri Lanka. With focus on sustainability and natural materials, Oooh collection is made from recycled material only. Mainly recycled paper but also eco-felt, a fabric made from recycled plastic bags and plastic bottles and cut-offs from the textile industry.  Oooh  pottery collection by Lübech living is coated with a natural latex inside making the vessels 100% waterproof. 

The Tokyo shape is characteristic of the Japanese symmetry and harmony. 

Available in 2 different colors and 4 sizes:

- Small Vase is 6.5/10 cm diameter by 12 cm high

- Large Vase is 11/15 cm diameter

- Tall Vase is 10.5/15 cm diameter by 20 cm high

- Small Pot is 13/18 cm diameter by 13 cm high

- Large Pot is 22/27 cm diameter by 22 cm high

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