Jennylyn's Tones for Tots Natural Nursery Collection


Jennylyn's TONES FOR TOTS™ Natural Nursery collection pots of colour joy are perfect for creating a nursery haven for your little one.

Like all of Fusion mineral paints, Tones for Tots is zero VOC, requires little prep work and has a built-in topcoat. In just a little time, it’s easy to take your project from foundation to finish.

Babies and young children are more susceptible to the health risks associated with VOCs. Our Paint is lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free, virtually odourless, Zero VOC and non-toxic for your loved ones. Through years of development we have achieved this without sacrificing quality and durability. Fusion is a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally and health conscious formulation.

7 different colors with inspired by some of our favourite nursery rhymes: 
- Little Whale ( Blue)
- Little Speckled Frog (Green)
- Little Lamb (Grey) 
- Little Stork (Lavender)
- Little Piggy (Pink) ****** X discontinued
- Little Teapot (Turquoise)
- Little Star (Yellow)

Jennylyn's Tones for Tots collection complies with both the lead and phlalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe, as well as the ASTM D4236 LHAMA safety labelling requirements.

Using only the best available ingredients on the market, each batch goes through rigorous quality control ensuring that the paint will not separate or harden in the container for 7 years. Fusion Mineral Paint can also freeze for up to 3 times without altering it's quality witch makes it perfectly suitable for shipping during the winter months.

Available in 500 mL (Pint) or 37mL tester size.

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