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Arelli Wool/Viscose Rug
Arelli Wool/Viscose Rug
Arelli Wool/Viscose Rug

Dash & Albert

Arelli Wool/Viscose Rug


This rug incorporating traditional nomad motifs for protection, luck and abundance and hand-knotted in soothing shades of grey and natural wool blended with lustrous viscose for added softness. Perfect for a master bedroom or other low traffic, barefoot areas.

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Durable construction; plush feel; eye-catching, unusual weave. Because the weave lies in a single direction and is not apt to pull, hand-knotted rugs can appear lighter from one angle than the other - an optical illusion that is part of their appeal. Viscose rugs offer the same feel underfoot as silk rugs.

WHERE TO USE: Suitable for low-traffic, gently used rooms only, such as the guest bedroom. Not suitable for homes with children or pets.

HOW IT'S MADE: Only the most skilled artisans can craft these rugs. A vertical loom is used, with the artisan painstakingly hand-tying individual knots around every warp yarn. The more knots per inch, the greater the durability.

•  Vacuum regularly on low/gentle setting, or shake gently to remove dirt.
•  Do not expose to moisture of any kind; water can create permanent staining.
•  For bigger messes, we recommend professional cleaning only.